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I am a stickler for great customer experiences, and I believe that timely and easy to access financial services is the bedrock to help people overcome their current financial challenges. I am a co-founder of Sycamore where I lead the  Business Growth and Brand Management efforts with over 10 years of professional experience.

As a gender advocate, I help and support sustainable women-led ventures to expand and find growth opportunities in an advisory and fund-raising capacity. I strongly believe that industrious women in business pave the way for a diversity of thought and meaningful economic progress by reducing economic inequalities caused by gender and economic disparities.


Pioneering at a few retail Fintech companies set the foundation for my work at Sycamore, an online peer-to-peer lending platform where investors and borrowers can easily access financial solutions with great returns. I acquired highly coveted business start-up and operations experience, which she has successfully translated at Sycamore.

An alumna of the prestigious Covenant University and Lagos Business School. I am also an Associate of the Chartered Institute Personnel Management in Nigeria (CIPM) and at WIMBIZ.


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