Foodie or Food Insecure

My eyes have been opened to people who through this pandemic have become even more food insecure. People who have no choice but to be out there (with their children) risking their lives and health just to put food in their bellies.

So I recently started something like a ministry. Not like a pastor and congregation type ministry but one where immediate needs are met. I distribute food to the less fortunate on my street on Saturday afternoons.

You know how we are generally more irritable, desperate and less resourceful when we are hungry, the reality is that this some people’s constant reality. I have seen grown men accepting food in nylon bags because we ran out of plates and just taking meat in their hands because we ran out of jollof rice. Its really a different experience each time.

On this food line, there is no tribe or religion, just God’s children grateful for a free warm meal and water. This experience has taught me alot of empathy and gratitude and perhaps, some street smarts too. When you have a conviction in your heart, just do it. People may question your motive or want to mold it into something that is ‘more practical’, be encouraged, don’t lose your conviction. I remember the first day I shared food, I actually felt a little silly saying ‘come and take food’, fast forward three weeks and the communication has evolved to ‘please wait for your turn’.

I am so grateful for this opportunity!

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