YODO – You Only Die Once

Today I got the strange news of Mrs Ibiduni Ighodalo’s passing and I was shocked. In her last days, according to her Instagram handle (which has been taken down already), she was travelling around Nigeria building COVID-19 isolation centers for the different state governments. She was also so reluctant to part with her husband, a separation anxiety that is usually witnessed in children, was what she was evidently experiencing. It was so beautiful to watch.

She dedicated her life to helping families who experiencing infertility issues through her foundation because she personally experienced same after going through 11 failed IVF procedures herself.

She was a sparkling example of centering your life’s work and helping others through your life experience.

Its painful to think that she was just here displaying godly excellence in industry through her events management company and through her foundation. The lives she has touched personally and otherwise will be a testament of how you can be a generational influence by living your utmost genuine life. Generations to come will be impacted by her.

If we only die once and live everyday, how am I living my life to be a generational influence. What am I so afraid of?

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