How are you, really?

My baby cousin called me a short while ago to lament about the paralyzing effect that COVID has had on her.

She had such high hopes for this year and talked about how bored she was at home. How this has thrown her off the course of achieving her life goals of becoming financially independent before age 20. 

Everyone is experiencing this unprecedented time with as much bravery as they can manage and each person’s experience is unique, I explained to her.

While I loved how focused and driven she is (which she explained that she takes after me ), . She is currently 17, babysitting her siblings and preparing one for his Common Entrance Exams. She needs not be worrying about being unproductive she is because she is not interning during what seems to her like a break.

Even though, I worry that she does not understand the magnitude of our collective experience, I’m glad she could talk about how she feels.

We only see in part per time, right?

So how are you, really?

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