Don’t Stand Still

I was soaking wet!

It was raining, I had no car, no umbrella and it wouldn’t have a difference in this type of rain and I had to be at work early because I worked in the front office.

Lived on the mainland (more in the hinterlands) and worked in Ikoyi (where there was a certain type of ambience to be maintained, the air-conditioner must be on at all times. I was dripping. I was freezing. I pitied myself and knew deep within myself that I wasn’t cut out for this hardship, forgosake!

Oh and this didn’t happen once. But we move!

Things happen!


Fast forward, less than five years, I voluntarily dance in the rain, making friends at Business School. I don’t see this as hardship, this is fun!!!

How you see things matter.


It’s raining again, 10 years later and I’m being careful so that my hair doesn’t get wet. A giant umbrella is open before I even step out of my car. That’s who I am today.

Things always get better!

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