Reflections of a Woman in Authority and under Authority.

I attended a Leadership program for women recently and I was supposed to sit in on a sub-panel that was targeted at women in employment. My initial instinct was to get up and move. As I quietly scanned the room, trying to make out what the other panels were about so, I could politely take my leave, that was when I was rebuked internally. Apparently, I mis-thought that because I am now an employer, I was no longer under any authority in the workplace except God. You see, the nature of food chains is such that there is always someone much bigger ahead of you.

Needless to say that I sat in place till the end of that panel and I was shown a different perspective on my position in the food chain. As a woman under authority, I bear the responsibility to foster a working relationship with the board of directors, my church leaders and so on.

I took away several lessons including one on humility. But the three that stood out for me are the ones I would like to highlight. Opening the lines of communication between me and my higher ups will: 

1. Foster support for my productivity and visibility 

2. Reduce my stress and anxiety because there is clarity in communication

3. Strengthen trust and confidence in my work and achievements

Another valuable takeaway from this was the fact that my growth makes room for downlines to grow and thrive too. 

There are only positives to recognizing my place and acting accordingly.





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