Memories and Time.

Nothing prepares you for the moment when you realise that your parents are growing old, while you are busy making a life.

I recently visited some older members of my family and I see that while I was busy having main character energy and wanting to be grown, my grown family members have become old and I have mixed feelings about it. Not to say, that I am feeling somehow about enjoying my main character energy (It’s my time!!!)

But for wholesomeness to be maintained as well, I need to optimise my time and create memories with them for two reasons.

The most obvious being the grimest. I don’t know how much longer we are going to be together for and it’s important to me that while we are together, I am present in the moment. Present, here and now. I would like to say that I want to spend quality time but there is more than one way to love on someone. So, love them how they recognise and feel love. And isn’t this the reason why I work so hard, to have options. Options on how I spend my time. 

The other reason is that there are wise nuggets to glean from them as they have experienced life already, howbeit in a different time, its no less valid in form than what I am going through and I figure I would glean from their experience at work and life.

They have fond memories of me, how do I keep fond memories of them as well. 

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